Top 10 must sees in Arktikum. 

KINDLY NOTE: The science centre exhibition (Highlights 1–5) at Arktikum is being renewed from April 1st to December 5th, 2024.

The Arctic in a nutshell


Did you know the Arctic extends to three continents?

Cold room


Feel the Arctic freeze and the magic of blue ice.

Polar bears


The symbolic animal of climate change is in danger.

Northern Lights theatre


Lay down, look up and enjoy the show in comfort.

Global warming


The Arctic is the fastest warming region on the planet.

Rovaniemi historical scale models


Lapland’s capital was almost completely destroyed in World War 2.

The elk


Meet the largest animal roaming Finland’s nature.


Sámi culture


The only officially recognized indigenous people in the European Union.

Market Bustle


The first market in Rovaniemi was held in 1881.




A look into a part of Lapland ceded to the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) in 1944.

Osta liput