Mapped Beauty

Exhibition of old maps: Glory with a death on your heels

What did the Great North look like from the southern point of view hundreds of years ago? From whose point of view history is written? Is the land really found only when a white man discovers it? The exhibition at the Arktikum science center leads visitors to wonder big questions.

The valuable collection belongs to the Arctic Centre at the University of Lapland. The treasures of the collection are on display in Arktikum, and the oldest maps are from 16th century. They reveal how the lines of the northern world were drawn. Detailed drawings are like photographs of their time, showing what Lapland looked like in the eyes of Europeans.

Is it true that there used to be sea monsters squirming in the Arctic Ocean? Or what killed over two million sailors in their long expeditions? You can find the answers in the Mapped Beauty exhibition.

Mapped Beauty
Arktikum tiedekeskus (Pohjoisranta 4, Rovaniemi)


Finland on the coast of the Arctic Ocean

History of Pechenga (1920-1944).

Northern Ways

What is life like in the world’s northernmost regions?

Arctic Seasons

Experience the Arctic Seasons film, taking you on a journey through the shifting seasons of the Arctic.



A group exhibition of art education students reflects on relinquishment


Mapped Beauty

Exhibition of old maps: Glory with a death on your heels


Life and Death from the Late Iron Age to the Middle Ages

Special Exhibition at the Lapland Provincial Museum at Arktikum



Arctic Opposites

Renewed Arktikum Science Centre permanent exhibition opening in December 2024

6.12.2024 -

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Culture Pass is your ticket to three of Rovaniemi’s premier cultural attractions. Experience northern nature, art, history and phenomena in many exciting ways:

Korundi House of Culture
Discover new and daring northern perspectives through contemporary art.

Arktikum Science Centre and Museum
Your introduction to life in the north: Arctic issues and the history and culture of Lapland.

Science Centre Pilke
Explore northern forests, the sustainable use of wood and the possibilities of bioeconomy by doing and experiencing.

Culture Pass is personal and valid for 7 days – visit the three attractions as many times as you like. Welcome to the north!

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