Arktikum Café

Northern delights

Sit back for a moment and enjoy our café's selection of specialty coffees, a glass of wine, as well as savory and sweet delicacies. We use local and northern ingredients in all of our products, and offer lunch service from 11.00-14.00, Monday through Friday. 


Opening hours 

Monday 11.00-14.00
Tuesday - Friday 11.00-16.00
Saturday - Sunday CLOSED


Contact information

Minna Kangas, sales assistant
E-mail: sales(at)
Tel. +358 400 519 569
Lunch buffet 15 €

Includes soup and salad bar, main course and vegetable alternative, bread and butter, water, coffee/tea and chocolate/cookie.

Children’s lunches (2-12 years)

Children’s lunch buffet 7,50 €
Children’s soup and salad lunch 5,25 €

Soup and salad lunch 10,50

Includes soup and salad bar, bread and butter, water, coffee/tea and chocolate/cookie.


Lunch is served from 11-14, Monday through Friday.
L=lactose-free, G=gluten-free, M=Milk free

We reserve the right to make alterations.


Arktikum's salad buffet

Mushroom soup (L,G)

Chicken Kiev (LL)

Bean-tomato casserole (L,G)


Arktikum´s salad buffet

Frankfurter soup (L,M,G)

Ground meat patties with onions (L,G)

Ratatouille (L,G,M)


Arktikum´s salad buffet

Mediterranean vegetable püree soup (L,G,M)

Finnish vendaces (L)

Mushroom risotto (L,G)


Arktikum´s salad buffet

Pumpkin püree soup (L,G)

Game-root vegetable casserole (L,G)

Filled sweet peppers (L,G)


Arktikum´s salad buffet

Salmon soup (L,G)

Kebab sauce (L,G)

Sweet potato steak (L,M,G)


In Arktikum Café we manage, identify and evaluate factors in our operation that have an impact on the environment. Therefore we commit to the following:

We obey the active environmental laws and regulations.

We aim to reduce energy consumption on our business premises.

We improve our recycling and reduce the amount of waste ending up at the waste centre.

There’s always a vegetarian alternative available in our restaurant.

We measure customer satisfaction on a regular basis.

We consider the environmental point of view when making purchases and investments.

We aim to improve our activity by monitoring and measuring.