Taste and feel the north in Arktikum Café. You’ll get to savour the colourful northern harvest in our lunch buffet and soak in arctic design on your coffee break. Quality and style in food, drink and service carry through to our catering service. We minimize our food waste to combat climate change.

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Harvest season lunch buffet

The tones of our timeless lunch buffet reflect the cycle of the harvest seasons. Northern food does good, and we do our part for a better world by minimizing food waste.
Lunch Monday-Friday at 10:30-14:00.
July 2024: Lunch Tuesday-Friday at 11-15.
November 2024-March 2025: Lunch Monday-Friday at 10:30-14:00 and on Saturdays at 12-15.
Lunch 15,00 €
Lunch menu
Lunch for groups 20,50 €, includes dessert (kindly make the lunch bookings for groups in advance).
Groups and events, contact:
Cool coffee break

Cool coffee break

The modernly elegant Arktikum Café encapsulates arctic design. The large windows of our wide hall bring natural light right to you as you enjoy a fresh cup with a tasty bite.


Reverse with banana bread

Our trademark bread is made of surplus bananas from a local Rovaniemi supermarket. It tastes sweet and gives climate change the boot – one reverse step at a time!
Opening Hours
Exhibitions and shop
Open 2024
1.1.-30.11. TUE-SUN at 10-18 (MON CLOSED)
1.12.-31.12. MON-SUN at 10-18
Christmas Eve 24.12. closed.
Changes possible. The ticket sale ends half an hour before the closing time.
MON at 10.30-14
TUE-FRI at 10.30-16
SAT-SUN closed
Exceptions: Tue 11.6. closed
MON closed
TUE-FRI 11-16
SAT at 12-17
SUN closed
Changes possible.

Catering for success

Our catering service refreshes meetings, events and parties of all sizes in Arktikum and the neighbouring Science Centre Pilke. With high-quality ingredients, natural northern service and principles of sustainability, we cater to you and your company a valuable time together.

Menu options 
Price list for ordered coffee servingsGroup lunch on SaturdaysCocktail menus |
Buffet menus | Dinner menus 

Contact information
Minna Kangas, Arktikum Sales
Sähköposti: sales(at)
Puh. +358 400 519 569

Street address

Arktikum House
Pohjoisranta 4
96200 Rovaniemi

Driving directions

Arktikum is conveniently located on the north side of highway E4, along the edge of downtown Rovaniemi. 

Arriving from the south
Approaching Rovaniemi on northbound highway E4, travel in the right lane past two city-bound exits and drive under/through the Revontuli shopping centre tunnel. Use the exit ramp on the right, immediately after the tunnel and move into the left lane towards Kittilä. Turn left and stay in this
lane to continue following signs directing you to Arktikum

Arriving from the north
Approaching Rovaniemi on southbound highway E4, take the first exit ramp to the city center. Select the right lane on the exit ramp, and follow the posted road signs as they direct you to Arktikum.

View driving and walking routes on Google Maps.


In Arktikum Café we manage, identify and evaluate factors in our operation that have an impact on the environment. Therefore we commit to the following:

We obey the active environmental laws and regulations.
We aim to reduce energy consumption on our business premises.
We improve our recycling and reduce the amount of waste ending up at the waste centre.
There’s always a vegetarian alternative available in our restaurant.
We measure customer satisfaction on a regular basis.
We consider the environmental point of view when making purchases and investments.
We aim to improve our activity by monitoring and measuring.


We have successfully completed the EcoCompass programme of environmental responsibility and earned the certificate. Arktikum has also achieved the Sustainable Travel Finland (STF) label as recognition of valuable and long-term work towards sustainable tourism.
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