Regional Museum of Lapland

The Regional Museum of Lapland


The Regional Museum of Lapland is a museum with regional responsibility whose area of responsibility is the Province of Lapland, excluding the Tornio River Valley, the Kemi region and the Sámi homeland in cultural environment tasks. 
The basic task of the museum is to collect, store and research the cultural-historical and scientific material of its area of responsibility. The museum's collections of objects, photographs, archives and natural science material are available to researchers and other interested parties. Staff are happy to answer a wide range of questions related to the area’s history, architectural heritage, culture, archaeology and natural sciences.



Museum management

Museum Director Hanna Kyläniemi
Tel. +358 
40 728 3362

  • Supervisory responsibilities, contracts
  • Museum development and cooperation networks
  • The tasks of the regional responsibility museum



Archaeologist Jari-Matti Kuusela
Tel. +358 
40 573 1951

  • Surface finds and structures found in the terrain
  • Enquiries related to archaeology
  • Government activities / Antiquities Act

Architectural heritage

Museum Assistant Jani Hiltunen
Tel. +358 
40 570 6779

  • Issues related to the built cultural heritage and the environment; old buildings, courtyards, etc.
  • Enquiries concerning, for example, building renovations and grants
  • Government activities / Land Use and Building Act

Architectural heritage

Building Preservation Expert
Tel. +358 40 623 4195

Advising local museums

Museum Assistant Heidi Pelkonen
Tel. +358 50
 315 1481
  • Development tasks for regional museums
  • Enquiries concerning the management and grants of local museums

Collection of objects

Museum Assistant Riina Koskiniemi
Tel. +358 40 718 2461
  • Historical objects 
  • Donations, enquiries, for example, concerning the preservation of old objects

Archive material and reference library 

Museum Assistant Heidi Pelkonen
Tel. +358 50 315 1481
  • Various documents, letters, diaries, etc.
  • Museum reference library customer service
  • Donations, enquiries concerning archiving, for example

Image archive

Image Archivist Anni Arvio
Tel. +358 40 828 9699

  • Old photos and audiovisual material (e.g. videotapes)
  • Photo orders, donations, enquiries, for example, concerning researching and preserving old photos


Photographer Karoliina Paatos
Tel. +358 50 315 1482

  • Photograph orders
  • Publications, documentation, enquiries concerning image processing, for example 

Natural history collections

Museum Assistant Jukka Salmela
Tel. +358 40 521 3013

  • Animal, insect and plant collections
  • Enquiries related to various nature topics

Exhibitions, events, museum teaching

Exhibition Assistant Tuija Alariesto 
Tel. +358 40 734 1060

  • Exhibition and event planning and information
  • Museum teaching (workshops and learning paths)
  • Enquiries about future exhibitions, for example

Guidance and supervision

Guide Supervisor Christa Haataja
Tel. +358 40 847 1152

  • Guided tours, exhibition supervision and technical maintenance
Guide Supervisor Elina Karvo
Tel. +358 40 502 7572
  • Guided tours, workshops an exhibition supervision


Museum Secretary Johanna Nordström 
Tel. +358 40 584 8486

  • Invoicing, general office work

Technical expertise

Museum Master Teijo Rovanperä
Tel. +358 40 561 1713

  • Technical maintenance of exhibitions and facilities
  • Design and construction of exhibitions

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