Julkaistu 12.09.2022

New temporary exhibition to the Arktikum Science Centre: Antarctica – Science in Extreme Conditions

The new temporary exhibition at the Arktikum Science Centre introduces research and daily life in the Finnish research station Aboa in Antarctica. The opening of the new exhibition is also celebrated with the premiere of documentary film “Sounding Far South” on Thursday 15.9.2022 at 6 pm.

Antarctica is the coldest place on Earth. The coldest temperatures in winter can reach close to -90°C and there’s less precipitation than in the Sahara Desert. Fierce storms can have wind speeds of 60 meters per second.

Antarctica is one of the most unpolluted places on Earth. Even the slightest changes can be observed in the air, snow, ice, water – and even rock. Finnish climate research in Antarctica is concentrated on the interaction of the atmosphere with snow, sea ice and the sea. Oceanography and geology are also important fields of research in Antarctica.

The Finnish research station Aboa opened in 1989 and is located in Queen Maud Land, 130 kilometres from the shore. It is built 480 meters above sea level on Basen nunatak (a mountain peak reaching above the ice sheet) in Vestfjella mountain range. The Swedish research station Wasa is located close by, and the stations are co-operating in logistics and research.

The exhibition Antarctica – Science in Extreme Conditions tells about the careful preparations before going to Aboa, how to travel there and how is researcher’s daily life in extreme conditions.

During the 30 years of research in Aboa, a huge amount of research data has been collected about the state and changes of the Earth. The station is maintained and the fieldwork coordinated by the Finland Antarctic Operations FINNARP. Researchers are working in the station during the southern hemisphere summer season, usually from November to February.

Documentary film about Finnish researchers in Antarctica

Sounding Far South (81 mins) is a documentary film about Finnish climate researchers' work in Antarctica shot and directed by Niko Nurminen.
The 8-member expedition studied the albedo of snow and ice from December 2018 to February 2019 based at the Finnish Antarctic research station Aboa. During their mission the researchers face isolation, storms, monotonous routines and beauty. Finnish and English audio with English subtitles.

Sounding Far South Documentary premiere on Thursday 15.9.2022 at 18:00 in Polarium hall, Arktikum. Free entrance.

Antarctica – Science in Extreme Conditions is open for visitors 16.9.2022–23.4.2023 in Arktikum Science Centre.
The exhibition has been made possible by the Ministry of Education and Culture, the Ministry of the Environment, the Finnish Meteorological Institute/FINNARP and the Finnish Museum of Natural History Luomus.

More information about the document:

Niko Nurminen
040 5760 157

More information about the exhibition:

Leena Rantamaula
Exhibition designer


Open your eyes to the Arctic

Arktikum is a science centre and museum that lets you experience northern nature, culture, and history up close. Housing the University of Lapland’s Arctic Centre and the Regional Museum of Lapland, we stimulate thought, encourage debate, and provide a deeper understanding of the Arctic.

See, explore and enjoy the Arctic stories shared through our experiential exhibitions and events!

Arctic Centre

The University of Lapland’s Arctic Centre conducts internationally recognized and multidisciplinary research of the Arctic.

Regional Museum of Lapland

The Regional Museum of Lapland is the principal authority on Lappish culture, prehistory, history, architectural heritage, and nature.


Julkaistu 25.11.2022

An Open Day and the Arctic Market Days at Arktikum

The Finnish Independence Day on 6th of December 2022 marks the 30th anniversary of the opening of the Arktikum building. On the day of the celebration, admission to the exhibitions is free of charge. The Arctic Market Days are held during the same week, 9 – 11 December.

Julkaistu 12.09.2022

New temporary exhibition to the Arktikum Science Centre: Antarctica – Science in Extreme Conditions

The new temporary exhibition introduces research and daily life in the Finnish research station Aboa in Antarctica.

Julkaistu 09.02.2022

Instructions for a safe visit

Covid-19 info
Adults 15 € (price 2023 18€)
Seniors, unemployed and students 9 € (price 2023 11€)
Children (7–15 years) 5 €
Children under 7 years free of charge
Admission to temporary exhibitions 5 € (price 2023 6€)

Family ticket 35 €

Price includes entry for 2 adults + 2 children aged 7-15 years + children under 7 years. Price 2023 40€.

Museum Card 74,00 €

The Museum Card allows you entry into more than 300 museums throughout Finland; valid for one year beginning on date of first use.

Culture Pass

Adults 20 € (norm. 32€) Price 2023 25€
Seniors, unemployed, students 15 € (norm. 22€) Price 2023 20€
Children (7-15 yrs.) 10 € (norm. 16€)
Family 50€ (2 adults + 2 children 7-15 yrs. OR 1 adult + 3 children 7-15 yrs.) (norm.80€) Price 2023 55€
Children under 7years free or charge

Culture Pass is your ticket to three of Rovaniemi’s premier cultural attractions. Experience northern nature, art, history and phenomena in many exciting ways:

Korundi House of Culture
Discover new and daring northern perspectives through contemporary art.

Arktikum Science Centre and Museum
Your introduction to life in the north: Arctic issues and the history and culture of Lapland.

Science Centre Pilke
Explore northern forests, the sustainable use of wood and the possibilities of bioeconomy by doing and experiencing.

Culture Pass is personal and valid for 7 days – visit the three attractions as many times as you like. Welcome to the north!


Street address

Arktikum House
Pohjoisranta 4
96200 Rovaniemi

Driving directions

Arktikum is conveniently located on the north side of highway E4, along the edge of downtown Rovaniemi. 

Arriving from the south
Approaching Rovaniemi on northbound highway E4, travel in the right lane past two city-bound exits and drive under/through the Revontuli shopping centre tunnel. Use the exit ramp on the right, immediately after the tunnel and move into the left lane towards Kittilä. Turn left and stay in this
lane to continue following signs directing you to Arkitkum.

Arriving from the north
Approaching Rovaniemi on southbound highway E4, take the first exit ramp to the city center. Select the right lane on the exit ramp, and follow the posted road signs as they direct you to Arktikum.

View driving and walking routes on Google Maps.

Opening Hours
Exhibitions and shop
Open 2022-2023
1.1.-30.11. TUE-SUN at 10-18 (MON CLOSED)
1.12.-31.12. MON-SUN at 10-18
EXCEPTION: MON 5.12. at 10-16
Christmas Eve 24.12. closed.
Changes possible. The ticket sale ends half an hour before the closing time.
MON at 10.30-14
TUE-FRI at 10.30-16
SAT at 11-16
SUN Closed
Changes possible.


Car parking at Arktikum’s parking lot is free of charge. Handicapped parking spaces are located in Arktikum’s courtyard. Busses may also leave visitors at the main entrance, but bus parking is specifically marked.


Arktikum’s main entrance door is automatic, however, accessibility can be somewhat hampered by the heavy exhibition doors. It is for this reason that we recommend that you have someone to assist you with opening the doors, should you require additional help. Assistants are welcomed and given free admission. Additionally, guide and service dogs are welcome in Arktikum.

First Aid Room

The first aid room is located in the upper corridor, immediately after the coat racks on the left. Wheelchairs can be found in and borrowed from the first aid room. The first aid room may also be used as a resting room, as needed.


Coat racks and lockers are free of charge and can be found in the vicinity of the admission and information desks. Larger luggage can be stored in the luggage room while you enjoy your visit. Please leave studded shoes in the cloakroom. Arktikum is not responsible of any items left on the stands. Wheelchairs and strollers may be borrowed from the information desk, as well.


Elevators are located on both sides of the main corridor; past the information desk and museum shop and before the stairs.

Public and handicapped toilets

Women’s and men’s toilets are located in the upper corridor after the information desk and the museum shop (6 in total), beneath the staircase in the lower corridor (2 in total), as well as in the vicinity of the restaurant (6 in total). Handicapped toilet facilities are located in the upper corridor on the left side of the coat racks.

Child Care Room

The child care room is located on the right side of the upper corridor, after the information desk, museum shop and coat racks. Strollers can be borrowed from child care room.

Guided Services

Guided exhibition tours at Arktikum

Weekdays 90,00 €/hour/guide (price 2023: 120 €)
Sundays 125,00 €/hour/guide (price 2023: 160 €)

Prices include a one-hour guided tour, with separately purchased admission. One guide is able to direct a group with a maximum of 30 persons.

Guided tours must be booked in advance by contacting us at info@arktikum.fi.
Guided tours will be confirmed subject to availability.


For Schools

Rovaniemi schools

Rovaniemi school teachers may observe and explore the exhibitions in advance with no admission charge, as they prepare for student visits.

Class trips

Arktikum is a great place to visit for class trips and study tours; providing an abundance of content that can be applied to historical, cultural, Arctic nature and lifestyle study topics. Exhibitions are based on experiences and visualizations provide an inspiring learning environment for students of all ages.


Arktikum Beach

In the foregrounds of Arktikum, along the shoreline of the Ounasjoki River, resides an Arctic garden and one of Rovaniemi’s most picturesqe parks. Situated on about seven hectares, and spanning a small island, this arboretum park boasts a scenic location along the banks of the Ounasjoki River. The Arktikum Beach Park displays a variery of species of plants and alpine vegetation that have uniquely adapted to survive the harsh nothern climate of Lapland and the Arctic.

The Arctic garden is maintained by the University of Lapland. Additionally, here you will find copies of ancient runestones and runic symbols, as well as sculptor and artist Risto Immonen’s ”Nätti-Jussi”; inspired by the legendary woodcutter and lumberjack Johan Viktor Nätti (1890 - 1964).

During the summer months, the midnight sun shines its light on the beach park from the north; making for an ideal spot to enjoy a picnic or go for a refreshing swim. As summer gives way to autumn and winter, along with it comes shorter days and longer nights. It’s during this darker period, Arktikum beach transforms into a stupendous place from which to observe the aurora borealis or northern lights.