Published 13.01.2022

Instructions for a safe visit

Please follow these instructions so that all the visitors can enjoy the visit safely.


All indoor public events and public gatherings (for example guided tours) with more than 20 participants are cancelled until 22.2.2022.
Come to Arktikum only if you are feeling well and keep distance from other people
  • Please pay by credit card or a contactless method.

  • You can buy your ticket in advance online and show it at the info desk when you arrive.

  • Please keep your distance from other people.

  • Wash your hands or use hand sanitiser.

Face masks are required from all persons over 12 years
  • Please bring your own mask with you.

COVID-19 passport is required
  • We require a COVID-19 passport with ID according to the policy of Rovaniemi City.

  • In Finland, the COVID-19 passport is the EU Digital COVID Certificate.

  • Corona certificates, consistent to the legislation on infectious diseases, that are used when entering Finland, can be utilized. The documents allowed are as follows; proof of a full vaccination series, a negative COVID-19 test carried out up to 72 hours prior to arrival, laboratory test certified recovery from COVID-19 within the past six months. Only a reliable certificate can be applied as a covid-19 passport, accepted certificate languages are either Finnish or English.

  • The COVID-19 passport is not required for anyone under the age of 16.


Read more about health guidelines for travelers in Rovaniemi:

Rovaniemi City news about the Coronavirus:

Arktikum follows the instructions by the officials and Rovaniemi City.

Updated 13.1.2022



Arktikum is a science centre and museum that lets you experience northern nature, culture, and history up close.

COVID-19 info

Instructions for a safe visit


Discover Finnish Lapland, its fascinating nature, and the people and customs of those living north of the Arctic Circle.


Take part in our wide variety of organized festivals, seminars, gatherings, and meetings.


Taste and feel the north in Arktikum Café. Savour the colourful northern harvest in our lunch buffet and soak in arctic design on your coffee break.

Lunch menu

Find out what northern goodness our seasonal buffet has to offer this week.


Delight yourself or your friends with high-quality Lappish handicrafts, design products, jewellery and books.

Meeting Services

Arktikum's stunning architecture and close proximity to northern nature raises any event held there above and beyond everyday life.

Polarium Hall | Glassed-roofed foyer
Aurora | Kieppi


Our catering service refreshes meetings, events and parties of all sizes in Arktikum.

Coffee servings | Cocktail menus
Buffet menus | Dinner menus

Arctic Garden

Arktikum Beach is an excellent place to view the northern lights blazing across the sky during the dark times of the year.

Published 13.01.2022

Instructions for a safe visit

COVID-19 passport and face masks are required