Guldalit, Čatnasit, Ciekkadit

Stina Aletta Aikio's artwork in front of Arktikum

Stina Aletta Aikio (Guldal Olavi Kirsi Stiinná) is a human being hailing from Utsjoki and a Saami artist, whose work combines social and environmental criticism.

"Guldalit, Čatnasit, Ciekkadit" is an environmental and spatial artwork located in the front yard of Arktikum, where Aikio blends various natural materials with the iconic Saami imagery of a lavvu.

The vitrine-like glass structure reflects upon questions of presentation and visibility. The glass protects what's placed behind it, but it also isolates it from the viewer, preventing touch, sound, and the interaction based on them. Being trapped behind the glass freezes the reciprocal relationship between humans and the Earth and other living beings, which requires listening for the formation of these connections. The same frozen state can more broadly govern how the Saami people are represented and seen—or remain unseen and unheard.

The artwork "Guldalit, Čatnasit, Ciekkadit" is part of the Logi project, which is funded by the Kone Foundation and creates knowledge and realities through Saami art (2019-2021(23)). The content process and its completion have also been supported by the research project Árbi, funded by the Academy of Finland, which examines the ontological politics of Saami cultural heritage.

In collaboration with the Regional Museum of Lapland.

Picture: Karoliina Paatos. 


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Guldalit, Čatnasit, Ciekkadit

Stina Aletta Aikio's artwork in front of Arktikum


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