Arctic in Change

What is life like in the world’s northernmost regions? How have the people, flora, and fauna of Arctic adapted to the extreme cold, severe weather conditions, and vast changes in light and darkness?

Discover the northern regions and their specific characteristics that help to shape and tell the stories of everyday life in the Arctic, the lifestyles of northern peoples, and the new challenges facing the region, such as climate change and globalization. A permanent exhibition, the Arctic in Change highlights the multidisciplinary research of the Arctic, including photos, videos and a scale model.

Polar bear
Polar bears are, in many ways, dependent on sea ice. They have become a symbol of the impacts of climate change and as such, its natural habitat is shrinking continuosly. The Arctic region is exceptionally vulnerable to climate change, with any alterations in the Arctic having a reverberating, global impact.
Northern lights
The Northern Lights originate from the sun. Their presence plays an integral part in the stories and myths of the northern peoples. According to Finnish folklore, the Northern Lights are created from the sparks of fox’s tail as it runs across the northern fells.
Indigenous people
Indigenous peoples comprise 10–20% of the Arctic region’s roughly four million inhabitants.

Finland on the coast of the Arctic Ocean

History of Pechenga (1920-1944).

Arctic in Change

Everyday life and stories of the Arctic.

Northern Ways

What is life like in the world’s northernmost regions?

Polar Opposites

Video presentation of the changing seasons in the north.


A chest worth the dowry linen

Stories of Forceful Wives from 200 Years ago

10.9.2022 – 14.5.2023


Science in Extreme Conditions

16.9.2022 – 23.4.2023

Elsa Montell – Lapin Raanu Weaving Studio

Galleries Valo and Katve

13.10. – 4.12.2022


Changes on Northern Shores

Observing problems through art and science

3.12.2022 – 30.4.2023

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Culture Pass is your ticket to three of Rovaniemi’s premier cultural attractions. Experience northern nature, art, history and phenomena in many exciting ways:

Korundi House of Culture
Discover new and daring northern perspectives through contemporary art.

Arktikum Science Centre and Museum
Your introduction to life in the north: Arctic issues and the history and culture of Lapland.

Science Centre Pilke
Explore northern forests, the sustainable use of wood and the possibilities of bioeconomy by doing and experiencing.

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