NAM NAM 3.6.2016–23.4.2017
Arctic food, snacks and grub

What does Arctic taste like? At first glance barren Arctic nature seems to offer only limited amount of nutrition. In reality things are different.

Seals and fishes swim under the ice. Bears, hares and foxes wonder on the snow. A ptarmigan flies by. During short but bright summer berries ripen to super sweet and nutritious. In the autumn mushrooms plumb up for the pleasure of animals and humans.

Traditionally food has been hunted, fished and gathered in the Arctic region. People have eaten mostly meat and fish but also had delicacies such as baked cheese, bilberries and ice cream made of animal fat.

In Arktikum science centre’s temporary exhibition you can see, smell and maybe even taste a bite of Northern nature. Brief bulletins dive into the diverse world of Arctic food where science is set on plates in a restaurant like atmosphere with Lappish seasoning.

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