Science Centre exhibition Arctic in Change
Arctic Centre

Arctic in Change presents the conditions, nature, cultures and adaptation to extreme circumstances that occur in the far north as well as showcases multidisciplinary Arctic research in an interactive way that appeals to the general public. The exhibition highlights the developments, such as climate change and the status of indigenous peoples in an evolving world, that affect the North.

One of the top attractions of the permanent exhibitionis the northern lights theatre, where guests can lie back and enjoy animation of the Aurora Borealis projected onto the ceiling.

The exhibition also includes a cold room, which is fitted with blue ice all year round.

 Muuttuva Arktis tiedekeskusnäyttely | Arktikum

Contacts and enquiries regarding the Science Centre:

Nicolas Gunslay
Executive producer
tel. +358 40 7357296, e-mail

Northern Ways
Regional Museum of Lapland

The Regional Museum’s permanent exhibition Northern Ways presents the survival story of man and nature in the North in an open-minded way. The exhibition is divided into three regional components focusing on Rovaniemi, North Bothnia and Upper Lapland, respectively. The themes dealt with in different exhibition halls traverse time from ancient history to the present, examining the causes and consequences of individual and public cultural developments. Extensive dioramas, scale models, picture collages, film and audio, maps and display terminals are used to recount dozens of Lappish mini-stories. On display are hundreds of cultural artefacts and dozens of costumes as well as examples of the most characteristic flora and fauna of Lapland. 

 Northern Ways | Arktikum

Contacts and enquiries regarding the Museum:

Hannu Kotivuori
Regional Museum of Lapland Director, Archaeologist
tel. +358 16 322 2854,